Martial Arts for the Mind, Body and Soul

Learning a martial art is one of the most rewarding endeavours a person can take on. All forms of combat arts have physical benefits; building strength, coordination and agility, but also mental and dare I say spiritual benefits as well. Joining a Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym is guaranteed to be an incredible workout, one that has all the potential to build someone into their peak of physical fitness. Training also teaches valuable self defense skills, and a mindset to take on challenge and adversity with confidence. Kicking, punching and rolling is a sure fire outlet for stress relief and is also known to assist those dealing with anxiety and depression. A good studio will offer all of these benefits above with a community of people that are encouraging and like-minded in their goals and that will push you to new height all within an inclusive, family-like atmosphere.

Mental health

Physical activity has been shown time and time again in research to aid those suffering from anxiety and depression. Getting active is so powerful that it often outperforms most pharmaceutical medication to boost mental health. “Physical therapy” as it’s referred to in research can benefit a whole host of clinical ailments ranging from depression, anxiety, apathy, and Parkinson’s symptoms. Martial arts as a form of physical therapy has been shown to aid in increasing a child’s attention, creativity, self esteem, self efficacy while decreasing aggressiveness. In Adults similar effects were see in better attentional capacity and alertness, but even more benefits in body image, decreasing health worries and food avoidance, while improving social relations, and overall quality of life.


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